Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Stratigraphy - the saga. Anybody got a floppy drive?

This is driving me crazy...

I first created a period site matrix diagram in 1997 using a roll of lining wallpaper - I think it was about 13' long, and an absolute nightmare.

Then came the Harris programme - it'll do (mainly 'cos it's free), though it has problems. Better than wallpaper, anyhow

I was able to save my efforts on floppy disk (with back-up), and subsequently created an additional back-up on an Omega zip disk - belt and braces, I thought

But the problem is not that, 12 years later, I am unable to access either floppys or zip drive, which might seem rather funny - if it wasn't at all. I did try to do this a few years ago, before I chucked my old PCs, but, of course, Zip drive contracted clickling death, 'infecting' my disks. And floppy disks just wouldn't read, for whatever reason.

But now, I've come across an extra back-up, by the looks of the label - so if anyone still has a floppy drive, so that I could check what's on it, please let me know.

After spending 3 days making a start on redoing the matrices, I've managed to procure a volunteer, after the previous 'strat' volunteer 'disappeared'. But if anyone has time to help out with this, you would be very welcome...

Thanks to Steve for helping out on this.


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